Main Reasons Why Seniors Should Embrace a Move to Assisted Living

There are many myths about assisted living communities. Most are linked to outdated stereotypes about nursing homes. They can make seniors who could benefit from a move to an assisted living community reluctant to even schedule a tour.

In reality, assisted living communities can enhance quality of life for older adults. By combining support with independence, assisted living empowers seniors to feel in charge of their own lives.

5 Ways Older Adults Benefit from Assisted Living

1. Opportunities to socialize and expand social networks

Assisted living communities offer residents social opportunities, both informally and through structured activities. Throughout the day, you will find groups of seniors enjoying conversation over a cup of coffee in the lounge.

Residents also have a variety of creative, social, and spiritual activities to participate in. They often include computer classes, book clubs, current event groups, and craft clubs. Group outings to local restaurants and shopping malls are also offered.

2. Wellness programs to promote better overall health

Assisted living communities offer wellness programs to encourage residents to focus on their health and well-being. They typically include organized fitness activities, such as chair yoga, walking clubs, and aerobics. Many communities also have an indoor pool and a fitness center with treadmills and recumbent bikes.

Some assisted living communities also have on-site health clinics and programs to teach residents about nutrition, check their blood pressure, and conduct other important health screenings. Medication management programs also help residents avoid making dangerous mistakes with medicine.

3. Nutritious, delicious meals in a variety of settings

Older adults who live alone may rely on convenience foods, such as frozen dinners or fast food. While cooking for one isn’t always appealing, convenience foods are often high in saturated fats and sodium.

By moving to an assisted living community, a senior will have access to nutritious, delicious meals and snacks each day. Some communities have a variety of dining options for residents as well. From casual bistros to formal dining rooms, seniors can choose what is most appealing at each meal.

4. Freedom from household chores and maintenance

As we grow older, the demands and responsibilities of home ownership may be less appealing. They can be expensive, time-consuming, and even dangerous for seniors to tackle. Household tasks may limit an older adult’s ability to travel and pursue new hobbies.

Another benefit you reap from moving to an assisted living community is freedom. Residents can leave behind their worries about snow removal, lawn care, painting, and other upkeep.

5. Transportation services

One of the most popular services in assisted living communities is transportation. Residents who are trying to limit or give up driving can utilize the community’s transportation team for physician appointments, local errands, shopping trips, and other necessities.

The best way to learn about the benefits of assisted living communities is to visit in person. Our door is always open at Bridgeway Senior Healthcare. Call the community nearest you today!