Tips for Touring An Assisted Living Facility Virtually

During the pandemic, there has been an increased need for assisted living facilities for seniors. After all, elderly persons are at higher risk of getting the virus, and living with other family members now might be too dangerous for them.

Also, in places like California in order to make room for coronavirus patients, hospital patients needing less-intensive care are being moved to assisted living or long-term care communities.

For seniors who live alone, the situation has also been tough, struggling with isolation and the challenges of doing daily activities in the midst of it all.  

It’s clear that having your loved one being well taken care of it’s even more important now during the pandemic than ever before. This has caused some families to decide that is time for their loved ones to receive all the care and support they need in a living facility.

But picking the right assisted facility for you or your loved one can be a difficult choice. Therefore, it’s crucial to know all the details about the place in order to have more peace of mind and confidence that you are making the best choice. 

With these new circumstances also comes this challenge: Assisted Living Facilities are instituting specific protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus. During the pandemic, you will almost certainly not be able to tour an assisted living community in person since most campuses are not allowing “non-essential” visitors. Other reasons like the mobility of a visitor and scheduling can also limit in-person tours.

That’s where virtual tours come into place.

 A virtual tour can accomplish much of the same goals as the traditional one. Showing the facilities in a thorough way, especially when having an agreeable and intuitive interface displaying all the unique features of the facility.

Here are some tips to benefit from a virtual tour.

Prepare beforehand 

Virtual tours can take a variety of forms, that’s why you need to make sure that you understand how the tour will be done. 

Some facilities may offer 360 photos, pre-recorded videos that are shared with you via email, while others may schedule a live video with a staff member, or a phone consultation instead. 

Depending on the type of tour available, be sure you have all it takes to enjoy it (computer, phone, downloaded app, etc.) 

Another important way to prepare beforehand is to write down questions. Spend some time thinking about what your loved one’s particular circumstances and preferences are. Every senior has their own needs and values, so it’s very important that you ask relevant questions.


The best way of doing so is, of course, paying attention. 

But not just to the obvious aspects like the structures. Instead, analyze every frame in detail to discover how it would feel to live there and what makes it stand out from the other living facilities.

Lacking the physical experience is even more important that you clear out all doubts and have a full picture of the place. You can even take notes or screen captures to revisit later. 

If you are a prospective resident feel free to explore and to use the virtual tour to consider all the possibilities. Such as accommodations, staff, meals, and activities. 

Choosing the right facility will help older adults stay happy, healthy, independent, and connected with others.